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Cuda gets new exhaust

We began noticing that the Graveyard Cuda was getting a little loud and upon inspection noticed that the twin 2.5 inch exhaust system was a little to restrictive at 75kpa back pressure when the motor was revving at 3500rpm. This had led to the mufflers being blown apart. So it was time for an upgrade, Shane decided on a twin 3.25 inch stainless (304 grade) mandrel bent system ending just after the mufflers. He incorporated an x system which works by scavenging the gas' out of the car and essentially giving you the benefit of a larger exhaust without physically having to do so. This has now dropped the back pressure to virtually nothing and made a dramatic difference on the performance and throttle response of the car as was demonstrated at Mid State Mopars 2012 two days later. (Check out ValigruntPerformance page on YouTube for footage.) The new system also gave the Plymouth a nice note as well.