Valigrunt Performance

Putting the Muscle back into Classic Cars

Changing from Ram to Power Steering

As was common with the 1960 Chevrolet's, and many other Classic Cars of that era, it had a Ram style steering box.  The Ram style steering box in the Chevrolet was very worn out and had been rebuilt however it still had more than 4 inches slop after reconditioning.  It was decided to convert the steering in the Impala to a Power Steering box.  Valigrunt Performance has had allot of success and excellent results fitting the USA made Borgesson Power Steering boxes to early LHD American cars and we opted to contact John at Pro Steer Down Under and organise a box for the Chev.  The Borgesson box was made to fit onto a small block, not a big block as is in the Impala, therefore Shane had to custom make brackets in order for the Power Steering box to fit into the 60 Chevrolet.  The result is a car that is completely different to drive, one that has steering which is direct yet easy to use and a classic car that now leaves a big smile on the owners dial.