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Putting the Muscle back into Classic Cars

Incorrect parts used in the 60 Chevrolet

Often times when we receive Classic Cars the incorrect parts have been used by people who owned or restored it previously, this is either due to the fact that they didn't realise there are more than one type of part for that year or they simply didn't have the contacts to obtain the correct part.  The Chevrolet has a 402 Chev Big Block in it however it was fitted on 6 Cylinder Engine Mounts, this made the motor sit up too high, too far forward and at an incorrect angle.  The correct V8 Engine Mounts were put into the vehicle however as the 402 was moved lower and further back we had to modify the rear cross mount as the gearbox also moved, the accelerator and gearshift linkages had to be altered as well as the transmission lines and exhaust.  As the running gear was now further back and lower the tailshaft needed to be cut and shortened and the radiator shroud needed to be remounted as the motor was now further away.  While the shroud was off the Chev we used the opportunity to fix the Chevrolet's overheating problem by replacing the 4 blade fixed fan with an 8 blade clutch fan.