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Keeping the 60 Impala Cool

It is important in a hot climate to have your classic car remain cool.  When the 60 Chevrolet arrived the cooling system wasn't up to scratch; the tank leaked, hoses were aged and brittle, thermostat wasn't working correctly and the fan wasn't sucking enough air to keep the radiator cool.  The previous owner had also attacked the fan shroud with some tin snips and it was a bit of an eyesore.  We repaired the leak in the radiator, replaced the thermostat, hoses and fitted an overflow bottle.  The edges on the fan shroud were bevelled and made neater as well as replacing the 4 blade fan with a 6 blade clutch fan, therefore allowing the fan to suck more air through and cooling the Chevrolet more efficeintly.  Making for a much more pleasant and stress free drive in the Australian summer as we don't have to worry about the Impala overheating.