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New Disc Brakes for the VJ Charger 770


When the Chrysler 770 came to us Brett was complaining that it didn’t feel right on the road, a little wishy washy in the front end.  He wanted us to have a look at the possible causes of that and also replace his front brakes with some Cross Drilled and Slotted discs.  Once we pulled off the front wheels to begin work on the Chargers discs it became apparent as to why the car felt funny when he was driving it, behind the wheel someone had placed washers to pack them out.  Making the situation worse on each stud the washers used were different sizes.  This issue was solved when Shane replaced the original discs with Slotted and Cross Drilled ones, he also machined the hubs so that he could fit the road style rims back on the VJ.  This has given the Charger a much more stable drive and greatly increased it’s stopping power.