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New Seatbelts for the Classic 1957 Chevy Coupe


Taking your children or grandchildren for a cruise on weekends to those Car Shows is one of the many joys of owning a Classic Car.  However, due to the age of our classics they were more often then not fitted with seatbelts or if they were the seatbelts that were available weren’t as nice as the rest of your interior.

One of the things David loves doing is taking his Grandkids driving in his 57 Chevrolet Coupe and naturally he wanted them to be safe without taking away from that fantastic 50s interior.  We were able to fit his 57 Chevy with colour coded seat belts complete with GM buckle.  Manually adjustable Laps were fitted for the rear passengers and the front centre passenger with Inertia laps fitted for the driver and outside front passenger.  Making a much safer and relaxing drive for everyone.