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Repairing minor rust in the Charger


As is common with older Classics the Charger had some rust in it, located around the rear side glass.  It was decided to remove this while it was still fairly minor, therefore avoiding all the added work and costs involved if the rust had been allowed to grow in the Chrysler.  Shane removed the rust in the side, metal finishing the car and powder coating the metal support plate that sits under the padded sides of the 770.  No filler was used in the repairs as the vinyl covering was being used to recover the sides.  If any water were to sit on the metal under vinyl it will cause rust to accelerate as the moister is trapped, therefore the tops of the doors and the wings of the Charger were treated with antirust solution then sealed with an anti rust paint or if possible powder coated.  The original vinyl was sourced and fitted along with some brand new 770 quarter badges.