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Repairing the trims and doors

The door locks on the Chevrolet didn't work when we received the car, so Shane fixed the strikers in the doors and the Impala can now be locked and parked safely.  The molds around the windows were a bit bent and dinted as is often the case when they have been removed and refitted incorrectly, as the windows were leaking and had to be resealed we used the opportunity to straighten and refurbish the rear window molds.  When we received the Impala it didn't have the front spear molds on the guards, this was a feature that the client wanted so he sourced and purchased the molds and we fitted them for him, adding that extra bit of detail to the Chev.  The rear fin molds didn't sit correctly and were loose when the car was purchased as the incorrect clips were used.  As the clips are no longer available we luckily have a limited supply of NOS clips which we supplied and fitted.  Now his molds sit flush with the car and are no longer loose.