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Wiring issues in the 60 Impala

Allot of times when a pre loved car comes into our shop it has had someone attempt to repair the wiring, the 60 Impala was no different.  When the Chev came in none of the dash gauges were working and there were no tail or indicator lights.   Some of these issues were due to incorrect wiring, the previous owner preferring the "cut and shut" method, some of the wiring issues in the 60 Chevrolet was due to age making the wires brittle, therefore every time a wire was moved it would break requiring it to be replaced.  The fuel gauge in the 60 Impala was however faulty and was removed and sent for refurbishment as well as having the fuel sender repaired.  It is imperative that all the gauges and lights work in your classic as it allows for safe driving and alerts you to any issues there may be with the cars running gear.  Although a time consuming job it is well worth the effort and could end up saving you allot of heartache and money in the long run by preventing accidents, fires or alerting you to overheating or oil pressure issues before it is too late.